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We all know Spooky Milk Life is an adventure game where you have to control and guide a character on how to proceed and perform several tasks like solving tricky puzzles, building relationships with beautiful characters to know the hidden secrets, and facing some monsters in turn-based battles. Therefore, all you need is Spooky Milk Life cheats to complete the quests and challenges without putting in any extra effort. Isn’t that great?

This game is more like a whimsical and cartoonish one that appeals to the users and plays a major role in the success of the game. It is an all-in-one app that offers several elements exploration, puzzle-solving, and adventure so a user will get everything that he or she is looking for in an adventurous game. Using some spooky milk life codes you can complete the tasks and tackle obstacles in no time and move to the next mission. If you’re curious to know about these codes read the complete guide.

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Spooky Milk Life Cheat Codes

These are the active Spooky Milk Life cheats for unlocking money, items, recipes, and ID’s.


  • item,[ID],[number] 
  • showmethmoney355 
  • mangomango355 
  • item,goodHooker,1 
  • item,q_atticKey,30
  • item,blackjack_win,30
  • item,goodHookerShoe,1
  • item,analzizer,1
  • item,qs_balloon,30
  • item,bat,1
  • item,battery,30
  • item,milk_big,30
  • item,bomb,30
  • item,books,1
  • item,camp,30
  • item,sock,1
  • item,cockhorse,1
  • item,Cotton,30
  • item,qs_coupon,30
  • item,q_curry,30
  • item,dildo,30
  • item,dolly,1
  • item,drill,1
  • item,fix,30
  • item,Gear,30
  • item,handmadeDoll,30
  • item,q_yogabook,30
  • item,key_toy,1
  • item,lemonade,30
  • item,lemonbooth,1
  • item,bat2,1
  • item,bat3,1
  • item,love,30
  • item,map,30
  • item,milk_small,30
  • item,pizza_mint,1
  • item,nail_t,30
  • item,q_msg,30
  • item,newBooks,30
  • item,paint_t,30
  • item,PartsA,30
  • item,PartsB,30
  • item,gun2,1
  • item,pizza_pepe,1
  • item,pizza_ananus,1
  • item,rope,30
  • item,onani_raury,30
  • item,paint,30
  • item,Spring,30
  • item,String,30
  • item,gun3,1
  • item,book_sexp,30
  • item,toy_bear,1
  • item,toyBox,1
  • item,toyChip,30
  • item,token,30
  • item,gun,1
  • item,wood,30
  • item,Winder,30
  • item,wood_t,30
  • item,q_balloon_cynthia,1
  • item,q_balloon_sindy,1
  • item,q_balloon_zoey,1
  • item,q_coupon_dan,1
  • item,q_coupon_dol,1
  • item,q_coupon_gal,1
  • item,q_coupon_man,1
  • item,q_coupon_ric,1
  • item,q_coupon_ron,1
  • item,q_coupon_su,1
  • item,q_coupon_wal,1
  • item,stinkyPanty,100 
  • item,cursedCoin,100 
  • item,brokenWood,100 
  • item,soulChip,100 
  • item,brokenBones,100 
  • item,headSkul,100 
  • item,rustyCutter,100


Use the following codes to unlock recipes for your desired item.

  • item,r_milk_big,1
  • item,r_sock,1
  • item,r_cockhorse,1
  • item,r_dolly,1
  • item,r_handmadeDoll,1
  • item,r_lemonbooth,1
  • item,r_bat2,1
  • item,r_bat3,1
  • item,r_gun2,1
  • item,r_gun3,1
  • item,r_toyBox,1


These are the following IDs till now that I have found useful.

  • Water Gun: gun
  • Fix Kit: fix
  • Upgrade Token: token
  • Rope: rope
  • White Wood: wood
  • Sandpaper: paint
  • Bat: bat
  • Battery: battery

As far as the code validity is concerned, let me tell you these cheat codes have been working till now.

How to Use Spooky Milk Life Cheat Codes?

Once we have found the cheats now the next step is where to enter these commands and take benefit from it. For the following purpose you have to follow the below guide,

  • Open the computer and locate the icon “>_ “ on your desktop screen.
  • Launch this app
  • When you have opened this app type your desired cheat in the search bar.
  • Let’s take an example of how you can get tokens, type item,token,30, and click on enter.
  • That’s all! You will see the magic happening when you get tokens for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest and easiest way to get tokens is through cheat. Enter the following code in your PC in the game, “Item,token,100”.

Try the following ways,

  1. Go to the Garage and recollect these items. To claim, wait until the items glow blue.
  2. You can purchase these items from Handyman Brothers by calling at their phone number, You will find their number outside the library.
  3. Type the following cheat code in the search bar item,paint_t,50. Likewise for wood, item,wood_t,50

Type showmethmoney on your in-game computer to get 500 cash.

You can find it in the garage, it’s on the shelf.

Type item,nail_t,30 on the computer in the game.

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